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A graphical simulator for teaching basic and advanced MR imaging techniques.

Hanson, Lars G. (2007) A graphical simulator for teaching basic and advanced MR imaging techniques. Radiographics, 27 (6). e27. ISSN 1527-1323

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Teaching of magnetic resonance (MR) imaging techniques typically involves considerable handwaving, literally, to explain concepts such as resonance, rotating frames, dephasing, refocusing, sequences, and imaging. A proper understanding of MR contrast and imaging techniques is crucial for radiologists, radiographers, and technical staff alike, but it is notoriously challenging to explain spin dynamics by using traditional teaching tools. The author developed a freely available graphical simulator based on the Bloch equations to aid in the teaching of topics ranging from precession and relaxation to advanced concepts such as stimulated echoes, spin tagging, and k-space-methods. A graphical user interface provides the user with a three-dimensional view of spin isochromates that can be manipulated by selecting radiofrequency pulses and gradient events. Even complicated sequences can be visualized in an intuitive way. The cross-platform software is primarily designed for use in lectures, but is also useful for self studies and student assignments. Movies available at http://radiographics.rsnajnls.org/cgi/content/full/e27/DC1.

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Additional Information:Software with improved graphics available for download at http://www.drcmr.dk/bloch
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